Fun with Physics Photography
These images represent the intersection of physics and photography, the two subject about which I am most passionate.  While physics and art may seem to be disparate subjects, this series aims to show that the two topics are in fact deeply connected.  Indeed, physics and mathematics are tools that can often help to explain a work of art, as is the case with Islamic tiling patterns.  Simultaneously, as is the case in this series, the physical properties of these demonstrations serve as the work of art themselves.
Light Trails

From a bicycle

From a car

A Man Chooses
One day I was intrigued by the idea that most everyday activities that individuals perform (flossing, making the bed, studying, doing taxes) are not necessarily a result of that individual's personal choice.  Rather, these habits are often done at the will of someone else, whether that person be a parent telling their child to brush her teeth before going to bed or a commercial telling a viewer to purchase a product.  This series is meant to force the viewer to examine which activities in their lives are a result of their own desires, and which are not. 

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